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Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike - Step Through: A Retrospec Authorized Dealer in Los Angeles.

Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike - Step Through Retrospec LA Electric E-Bike and Bike Sales and Service. Retrospec E-Bikes and Bikes Authorized Dealer in Los Angeles. Expertly Crafted to Cruise your City with Ease. Address: 13106 W Washington Blvd #B Los Angeles, CA 90066. Call: 424-387-4388 Southern California Electric Bicycle Sales, Tune-Ups and Maintenance. West Los Angeles, Playa Vista, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, UCLA Campus, Westwood.
The LA Electric Bike Company is here to offer you Retrospec Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike - Step Through. Call us at 424-387-4388 for more information.

Expertly Crafted to Cruise your City with Ease

Beaumont Rev lets you conquer your city in chic, vintage style. Hop on and off your bike easily with step through frame and zoom off with Start Assist technology eliminates wobbly starts and 37 miles of range that help you glide through those long daily commutes.

An easy-to-use pedal assist also gives you the boost you need to climb hills, and a top speed of 20 MPH helps you get to your home, office, or anywhere in between in no time.

Our Bestseller with a Boost

Timeless, vintage style and modern-day innovation come together in Beaumont Rev. Taking inspiration from the classic European city bike, we wanted to design an e-bike that was both beautiful to look at and effortless to ride.

From the step-through frame that makes hopping on and off easy and accessible, to the swept-back handlebars that promote an upright riding position, to the integrated battery that adds power to your pedals – every last detail comes together to help you go farther and with more ease.

FEATURES: Get to Know your Ride

  • TOP SPEED: 20mph

  • 350W-28 MILES & 500W-37 MILES: Up to 37 Miles of Range

  • PROPEL WHILE PEDALING: 6 Pedal Assist Levels


  • LI-ION BATTERY: 36 or 48V

  • HOP ON WITH EASE - Step through frame style is accessible and supports a comfortable upright riding position.

  • QUICK ACCESS TO CONTROLS - Handlebar-mounted LED control panel lets you select pedal assist level, monitor charge, and activate Start Aid for a 4mph boost at takeoff – no wobbly first pedal strokes.

  • PRESS TO GO - Convenient thumb throttle puts 350/500W worth of power at your fingertips.

  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING, HIGH RANGE - Li-ion battery offers a range of up to 37 miles. Charges within 5-6 hours.

  • CARGO-READY - Haul it all with a handy rear rack.

  • STAY VISIBLE AND SAFE - With front and rear safety lights.

  • RIDE RAIN OR SHINE - Protective fenders keep you from getting splashed.

  • TACKLE INCLINES OR CRUISE FLATS - With a versatile Shimano 7-speed drivetrain.




"Completely revolutionized for the modern day"

- Elite Daily


"We are pretty stoked about the timeless style and solid value of this Retrospec bike."

- Best Products


"This e-bike is the moment."

- Cosmopolitan

Reach out to your trusted Los Angeles Electric Bike Company for electric bicycle assembly, repair and maintenance services. We also offer RETROSPEC E-Bikes, Bicycles and for ready-to-outdoor essentials.

We are centrally located in Marina Del Rey. Near Culver City, West Los Angeles, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, UCLA Campus, Westwood, Venice, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Retrospec E-Bike and Bike Authorized Dealer

Southern California Electric Bicycle Sales, Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Come test RETROSPEC Bicycles and E-Bikes today!

We are open 7 days a week!


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