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Mailyne Mai

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Jim was so helpful with our bikes today! He was really knowledgeable and patient. The person servicing the bikes was really kind and helpful too. Definitely recommend getting your bikes here, for excellent service and great deals on quality refurbished bikes.

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Hannah O'Brien

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The guy who helped me was patient. I spent an hour test riding different bikes. So far I have had no problems with the bike I purchased. I recommend hitting this spot and grabbing a bike if you’re in the market for used bicycle.

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Sean Ruel

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Dreas is a great mechanic and got my sprocket problem done in less than half an hour. He is pleasant and professional and works hard to keep customers satisfied. Great business good people.

James is an expert mechanic and got my derailleur problem fixed in under an hour. Now my bike runs properly and I’m happy with all the work that’s been done.

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Dawn Bern

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I'm so happy with the bike I got here! I came in with a pretty tall list, and Jim worked to get it all right: style, seat, peddles, handlebars etc. I had looked a lot online so I knew where the pricing should be, and I got a good, fair deal, even though they have all the overhead...and no haggling! So nice. I also like supporting my local small businesses :)

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Michael Gregory

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Brought a 97 Klein stage comp from them. Great bike. Nicely tuned. Super helpful nice father and son shop.

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James Fry

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The wheelz are really round.the spokez r me banjo!

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Dominique "Dmneek" Rousseau

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This place is the best! There is always someone walking through the door with an unusual request or need. Sure, there are people like me who come here for a bike because there’s was recently stollen, but this place is so much more. You’ll have to come out and check it out.

I bet, you’ll be writing your own review once you do. Oh, and ask for Jim. He will listen to what you need and match it in real time, “with a wink and a smile.” He’s amazingly patient and it’s really refreshing to feel like you are working with someone who genuinely cares.

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Harry Lewandowski

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Jim sorted 3 sound bikes for our trip in California, all worked as a bicycle should, and he was kind enough to buy them back before we left. Top Man!

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Kisha Vega New Orleans

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This shop is awesome...Jim was very patient while I rode bikes for hours trying to find the perfect one for me ...I had a budget...I got a bike, rack, basket, lights and he threw in a kickstand all for 260.00...He's very patient and made sure I got exactly what I wanted... Even switched out seats for me for a more comfortable ride.

Gwedo even put padding in my basket for me and a water bottle holder & kickstand for no additional charge so I'm extremely happy...I rode the rest of the day through Venice and Santa Monica on my new wheels...I initally went to the Bike Whisperer...wayyyyyyy more expensive and not willing to work a deal with me at all!!!!

This place has the best prices all around especially for those on a budget...They truly work with you...Thanks Jim & Gwedo you made my experience truly enjoyable...I love my new bike...❤



"Very reliable, fun, & definitely a head-turner."

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Great local bike shop, well priced and quick repairs!
I'm very happy to have found my go to shop!



Los Angeles Electric Bikes Sales and Sales

Southern California Electric Bicycles Sales, Tune Ups and Maintenance

13106 W. Washington Blvd, #B Los Angeles 90066.

Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm

Sat        10am-7pm

Sun       10am-7pm

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